MAPAN is a waste bank which was established on April 14, 2014 in the city of Solo, where the initial membership consisted of only 80 housewives
well-established stands for the community caring for the environment
where our waste bank is different from other waste banks, where there are 25 types of garbage received and one of them is aluminum foil packaging waste which is not taken on a large scale by garbage banks in Indonesia

Our garbage bank now has nearly 1,500 housewives and in order to maintain the sustainability of our partner waste banks to do service, one of them is to pick up garbage that is

Our waste bank system is how the garbage of housewives can become entrepreneurs

Our waste bank has been visited by many regions in Central Java and Indonesia

Our waste bank is not positioning ourselves as a collector where the garbage collected is then sold to collectors but our waste banks always create and innovate and always try to make the organic waste that we treat becomes zero waste.

Our waste bank has received several awards at the regional and national level and some are recognized at the international level
We want waste banks in Indonesia to partner, especially for aluminum foil packaging that is not accepted by collectors
Our motto is to invite the public to care for the environment as a form of saving the earth